A poetic version of the endless conversation I have with my mom about shopping…and more so about the addictiveness of ONLINE shopping. Now reporting live from the Powale household-


The chair is over flowing,

the bags are tearing at the seams.

Cupboard shelves tested for their capacity

‘When you gonna clean this up, Missy?’


Mom laments, maid neglects,

dad’s unbothered as sister adds to the mess.

Hordes of clothes, bags, belts and shoes

‘Is the bed made for them, or for you?’


Koovs or Jabong, take your pick

Fill up the cart with just a click

Cause you don’t need to move that lazy ass

Just swipe the card with all that sass.


Ting-tong, the parcel’s here

‘More of this junk? Oh dear!’

We’re women, mom! We’ll never have enough

For this inescapable vice, it’s the foolproof bluff.



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