MOM, YOU WIN. (Atleast 99.99% of the time)

Why 99.99% of the time you should trust your mom and her words of wisdom.

1) When you’re 20 something and still battling acne issues, you should have probably listened to her and had that cup of aamla juice everyday back when you were 15.

– You wouldn’t be surfing a zillion websites and finding the same solution plastered on every webpage or Facebook today.

2) “Beta, have you eaten badaams today?” (And you thought she’d forget to ask you THIS?)

– Want a lustrous mane? Eat badaams. Want to improve your memory? Nibble on a few everyday. Want to control cholesterol levels? Almonds can be your best friends. Apparently, for moms, almonds are the solution to all problems. Maybe they could even deter an apocalypse someday or help us fight off aliens…

3) THE DAILY SCENE – “Come, let me apply oil to your hair and tie a plait” (Yes, she won’t spare the fact that now I’m a working professional, and school is long over…almost 7 years back!)

– But heck, following her advice on a weekend wouldn’t hurt. That way, I atleast wouldn’t have lost half my hair, cried my eyes out and over-exerted my tear glands. Ladies, listen to your mom when she asks you to oil your hair! Or you’ll be cracking jokes of being a bald bride at the altar like me.

4) If that skirt looks too tight or the top is quite deep – you sure as hell ARE going to feel uncomfortable, there’s no use being in denial.

– You are a fashion guru picking trends off the internet, filling your shopping carts and swiping those debit/credit cards. But when you’re all decked to paint the town red, there’s a fragment of consciousness that tells you, you aren’t really going to be comfortable…just like your mom said! So listen to her, because no seamless underwear, freaky thongs or strapless bras are going to be comforting.


And these are just a few of the many things in my mom’s list. To get all the deets, feel free to contact my mom. Or give me some time…for it’s going to take an entire book series to jot it all down.

And as for the 0.01% part where she goes wrong, I’m still trying to figure it’s probability  with my sister.




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