They say, the first time is awkward. It’s amateurish, perplexing and rather scary. And I did feel ALL of this. Thinking…over-thinking, then withdrawing the idea altogether. Then thinking again, and again – Is this the right time? How bad could it get? The thought had been swimming in my mind for months. It’s not easy to bare yourself, your soul and the essence of who you really are, to others. But all that pent up energy…it’s gotta go somewhere.

Welcome to The Ventosphere. This is my space to vent; give my muddled up thoughts an outlet. (I haven’t tried to mislead you with my writing earlier, I swear!) And no, I’m not going down the senti-depressed-attention seeking–crabby kind of venting route. Here you’ll find (hopefully) humorous, positive, thoughtful, retrospective kind of writing (without seeming preachy) which most of you will relate to, at some point. There are also chances that it may all be a downright mess. But hey, bear with me okay?

For a lazy bum like me, the task of blogging frequently and keeping it up-to-date already seems daunting. But I write for a living (and I’ve still managed to keep my job) hence I’m assuming I’ll do just fine, and give you a reason to keep coming back for a good read.

Join me on this blogging expedition and be kind readers. But more importantly, be kinder critics! Cheers.




2 thoughts on “MY FIRST TIME – READY TO BARE

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